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For a business owner, the marketing funnel is one of the most important strategies to incorporate into your business. Without understanding this funnel, you will be lost as to why your leads or potential customers are not purchasing from you.

It is important to understand your customers and know how interested they are in your product or service(s). Without understanding the fundamentals, you’re left without understanding what influenced them to purchase or to walk away. Understanding the basics of a marketing funnel will help you understand how your customer feels at the moment.

What is a Marketing Funnel?

A potential customer that goes through a sales process from knowing your business all the way down to selling and becoming your customer. There are several goals you have for your customer, whether it is to make a call, set-up an appointment, increase foot traffic in-store, sell to an existing customer or letting customers know your brand exists.

Here’s a basic funnel of a Carpenter:

1. Customer views the service on

2. Someone calls to learn more information and receive a free quote

3. Sets appointment for service

There will be many other additional steps in-between. The basic idea of a funnel is to help convert your leads into potential customers.

How can I use the Marketing Funnel?

Use the marketing funnel to identify what stage your customers are in. For example, if your potential customer has already viewed a local newspaper with your advertising in it. That’s a part of the first stage: Awareness.

In order to push your potential customers down the funnel into consideration, you may decide to have a call-to-action box in the advertisement that says Call for a free quote.

Use the Marketing Funnel to properly take them on a journey and successfully influence them to do what you want. If you want to sell something to them. Then, you will need to write out each step that will get you closer to reaching that goal. Major companies implement a funnel strategy to have more success.

How do you problem-solve with the Funnel?

For example, you had a phone conversation and they decide to not purchase. That gives you a hint that your Phone Consultation didn’t go as well to reel them into being a customer. They need clear communication to be convinced that you are professional that will deliver good results for great customer satisfaction. This is a great time to re-evaluate. They have intentions of purchasing but are not convinced yet.

Deeper Explanation of Each Stage


The first step of the funnel is where you draw in your customers. You catch their eye by using a good looking image, message, or video. In the awareness stage, you expose your business to potential customers that might find you interesting. They might have a need or a want for your product or service. Keeping your business top of mind that you exist will eventually push them down to the next stage of consideration. Where they like what you do. So, they want to know more information.


Once a customer ‘considers’ your business. They will either look at your social media profile (Facebook, Instagram, Yelp or more), read your website blog, sign up for your email listing and so on. Every business will have different materials in the consideration stage. Do what fits best for your business. You may have one Consideration material, it is best practice to have multiple to engage everyone’s interest that has entered this stage.


Hook your audience even further! Show your results, before and after, testimonials from previous clients, a very informative phone consultation, or a sales package that they cannot turn away. This is where your customers are waiting for you to show them how you can help them solve their problems. Whether it is to offer great make-up services for a party night out or repairing a leakage in your home. Whatever it may be, make your client trust you to help them solve their problems.


After your customer has purchased from you. Your clients will return to you if you delivered great customer service, results and exceed their expectations in every way that is better than anyone they think can do the same service or high product quality. This Loyalty stage is where your customers are already familiar and might need your product/service later. People love to come back for special deals or to have what you offer again because it’s so good. You can bring people back by doing an email campaign or simply post on your social media to let them know that you still exist.


The Marketing Funnel helps you identify stages that your potential customers are in. In order to pull them to the next step. It is important to show the proper content material to the right people in the correct stage of the process. Have time and patience for your customers to react while you are ahead. You can predict their next, step and improve as you move forward. Implement Marketing Funnel to improve your business Marketing and Sales Process. Identify the problem and solve them with a simple funnel idea.

  • Marketing Funnel
    • Awareness
      • Exposure for your business
    • Consideration
      • Interested in your Product/Service
    • Conversion
      • A Sale/Signup your customer-initiated
    • Loyalty
      • Returning Customers

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