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Basketball fan or not. You know who Kobe Bryant is.


Discipline and work ethic


2 Olympic Gold Medals

5 NBA Championships and 2 NBA Finals MVP…

Regardless of how many titles, medals, and trophies…

Training from 4 AM straight before finishing before practice at 11 AM.

Kobe’s work ethic was not built overnight but since he was 12.

Stay focus on your goals, no matter what obstacles appear.

He continued to train and learn to beat his yesterday self.

Kobe never gave up on progress as a strong player overall.




The inspiration that exudes from his aura is influential.

His sportsmanship and tenacity, 110% hard work, and character are contagious.

From nothing to the Greatest of All Times.

He continued his journey to be better than anyone.

To beat anyone that gets in his way.

He was relentless.


Don’t forget the basic lessons


Kobe, as a Gold Medalist Olympian,

He has not forgotten the basics of shooting 400 shots a day.

Being consistent with the foundation that brought it all together.

He has continued his training regularly to ensure consistency.

He humbled himself.

Without the foundation, his training would have collapsed.

Learn the basics and always revisit them.

Success is always one step at a time.

Success is always remembering the simple basics.

Success isn’t always complex.

You might ask yourself

How can you apply this in your business mentality?

The Mamba Mentality is to

Work harder than anyone else could

Being the better version of yourself.

To push your limits that you never thought you had.

One step at a time.

Take action to be the better version today.



R.I.P To The King