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At El Clasificado, we're committed to helping small businesses evolve digitally during these unprecedented times.

Small businesses like yours employ about half of America's workforce. They are the backbone of our cities and without them in full production we see our local communities suffering.

Now more than ever small businesses like yours need to have an online presence.
For this reason you will notice that Mas Clientes is dedicating their current campaigns to reach small business through special offers.

We are proud to stand together with you and help your business continue to strive.

Mas Clientes is offering a Digitize Your Business advertising package. We are packaging our most popular products into a special promotion to help you get you back to business.

Performance Plus

$ 59*

per week

*Certain restrictions apply. Rates listed are not valid for the following industries: Legal services, Dentists, Insurance, Medical Offices, Psychics and others. Contact us for more information.

Your Performance Plus Package will include:

SEO Optimized Landing Page

Lead generating website to establish yourself online

Domain and Hosting

We will take care of the technical side

Call Tracking Number

Don't miss a lead and respond instantly

Access to Analytics Dashboard

Measure your growth on a personalized dashboard

Classified in 2 EC Magazine areas

Advertise your brand or business in select El Clasificado areas

Featured Online Ad

Get featured placement on

Brinka Feature Activated

Every 6 hours we'll bump up your ad

Google My Business Setup

Establish important contact points on Google SERP

Directory Listing Service

Access to our business directory for prime placement

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Strong Landing Page

We will create a webpage online for you to connect with customers

Placement on El Clasificado

Utilize’s platform and audience to build up your own

Digital Advertising

Increase your presence online

Measurable investment

Track every incoming lead

Custom business solutions

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We can help your business grow and prosper during these times.

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About Us

Part Of The Hispanic Community

Mas Clientes was created from ElClasificado (a popular Spanish classified in Southern California) to help our print customers adapt to digital marketing.

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