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Running Plumbing was looking to grow their business. For years they have tried traditional marketing methods, but now they need to adapt to the rapidly changing market to remain competitive.  


Running Plumbing had tried advertising in Orange County magazine, Yelp, and a few other publications and areas, however, none of them had given them the results they were looking for.

When it comes to hiring plumbers, the factors consumers consider most are reviews from past clients, years of experience, and quality of service.

We needed to make sure clients had a clear understanding of what to expect from Running Plumbing, so they would continue to hire the company for years to come and let their friends know about the service.  


By investing in our $29 power package, and also investing in our PPC ads, Google reputation management, Facebook ads, SMS, and Instagram ads, Running Plumbing was able to collect a substantial increase in new customers and achieve the measure of growth they were looking for.  



  • 16,467 website visits.
  • 4,967 calls. 
  • 325 messages.
  • 2,821 contacts. 
  • 88% of traffic on mobile. 

Google My Business: 

  • 1.44k views in the past month 
  • 792 search 
  • 647 maps 
  • 1,236 more photos than the industry average


  • Reach: 85,000. 
  • Impressions: 224,449. 
  • Link clicks: 758.