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Pro-starters approached us after hiring an ineffective independent marketing contractor. We introduced some of our most effective products to help them bounce back and thrive as a business. 


Pro-starters made the mistake of hiring a single person with little experience to execute all of their marketing tactics. This resulted in them investing in ineffective marketing strategies that end up wasting time, money, and energy.  

When it comes to hiring mechanics, consumers look for:

  • Reviews 
  • Experience 
  • Effective warranty  
  • High-quality service 

Our team of experts made sure that clients had a clear understanding of what Pro-Starters offers the market. Thanks to a considerable increase in clientele engagement online, various customers not only came to Pro-starters to become first-time customers but stuck around to become advocates for the brand. 


By investing in our Performance 360 package, Facebook PPC ads, Google reputation management, directory service, and Premium Google business Profile, Pro starters were able to collect various new customers and expand their business. We started working together back in August 2020,  and as a result of their growth, we continue in our partnership to this day. 

Our Google reputation management allows Pro-Starters to collect more reviews from satisfied clients, and to prevent negative reviews from going public online. These reviews also showcase experience, effective warranties, and the quality of their service. This combined with paid ads allowed Pro-Starters to find new clients, and to keep them coming back for quality service. 


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