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New Challenge Sticker on Instagram Stories

Trending on Social Media for 2020! Challenges have been a great way to have virality within your content.

Instagram has made it easier to join challenges with a click of a button from viewing your mentions.

The new Challenge Sticker on Instagram Stories was influenced by many others

Let’s get started on how to use this sticker!


How to use Instagram’s new Challenge Sticker

In April, the new Instagram story feature was introduced in the testing phase. As we are flattening the curve of COVID-19. We are working together and promoting #STAYHOME to help the world recover from this virus.

People are looking to have fun while being home. Being able to do record your dances, skits, and cool trick-shot clips. It looks like this feature will be engaging – encouraging friends, families, and followers to do the same!

The sticker works the same way as @mention, location, music and more… Simply, click on the Challenge sticker after taking a photo and search for your challenge.


Here are some challenges you can get started on!


When you type in a word, pre-defined keyword challenges will appear above your keyboard.


Challenges will be limited during testing phase. Hopefully, Instagram expands the challenges into different areas! This will attract many people across the world.

Maybe, we should be able to create our own!

When you run into a challenge on someone else’s story that you’re not nominated in. You can simply click on the sticker to try it out for yourself.


Instagram Challenge Sticker might be the new way to be more interactive with your followers. It’ll show the authenticity of your profile and more! You can decline and move on if you’re not interested. You can join the wave and have fun filming yourself.

Will you go viral for your next post?!


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