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Whether you’re looking to grow your customer base or make meaningful business connections, networking events can be a great way to accomplish your major business goals. Networking events are held for groups of business owners, professionals, or leaders in a particular industry to gather and grow their network. This article has everything you need to know about attending networking events that will help your small business thrive!

Set Goals Beforehand

Be intentional about why you’re going. Some helpful goals to set might be meeting 10 new people, receiving/handing out 5 business cards, or making at least one appointment for a follow-up meeting. Setting goals and having a plan beforehand ensures this opportunity is not wasted! 

Meet New People

It can be easy to stick close to the people you already know, but the purpose of networking is to meet new people! If you aren’t very outgoing, go by the bar or find people standing alone. Make sure you don’t spend the whole night talking to only one person, this limits the number of connections you have time to make. 

Build Meaningful Connections

Before you get into talking about business, get to know the person. Ask about their background, where they’re from, why they’re attending, and maybe why they do the work they do. This will ensure you are making connections that will last a lifetime! 

Have a Follow-up Plan

Dedicate time after the event to follow up with the connections you made. The timelier, the better! This ensures they remember you, and it shows you’re excited about working with them! Consider connecting with them on social media such as LinkedIn or even sending an email. 

Attend Networking Events!

The most crucial step is to actually attend networking events in your area! Thankfully, there are a ton of opportunities across the country, especially in Southern California. El Clasificado is always finding ways to connect small business owners, grow their community, and educate them on the latest trends with events such as Grow Your Business in the New Era