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Don’t believe a digital marketing agency that tells you they can get you to the top of Google results with nothing but a website.

If you do your research, you’ll find that SEO is a long and tedious process. It’s something you build up over time.

But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. We know of a quick and easy SEO strategy that will help get you started:
Being in as many online directories as possible.

What’s an online directory?

They’re similar to print business listings, like Yellow Pages before they went online. Online directories you’ve heard of include Yelp, Yahoo, Google, and more. The internet is filled with countless directories.

When Google and other search engines look at your business and website, they’ll automatically check how many directories your business is registered in. The more directories your business is in = the more likely a search for your business name will organically pull your name up in the search.

When a business gets online for the first time, they’ll have 0 organic traffic.

Here’s where most SEO strategies get it wrong:

They’ll try to promise you that they can get your business to appear when someone searches something like “mechanic in los angeles.” But for a business who has just started out with a website, this is going to be impossible. There’s so much competition that you won’t be able to compete with when you’re still a new website/business.

The first and easiest step, then, is to get your business name to rank organically, instead.

People search your name -> You appear organically (organic = free) -> Google sees this and starts showing you more often.

So how do I get into the directories?

Here’s the catch: getting your business name accurately into directories is not going to be easy.
Every directory online has their own methods for determining what a “proper” business address is.

This next part will sound crazy, but it’s the sad truth:
Even you, the business owner, will have a hard time convincing a directory that your information is the right information. You can do very little except to “suggest” the proper information to the directory. And only then they MIGHT update it.

EC directory service to the rescue

With our EC directory service, we have an agreement with over 60 directories online.
So when we enter your business name into our ECDS, your business information automatically updates across all of those directories.
They have no choice but to believe us and do what we say (after all, we’re paying them to do it!!)
Here’s what a business looks like when it doesn’t get the ECDS treatment:
[image of a totally bungled and messed up business listing]

When the information is inconsistent, Google doesn’t know which information is real, so they’ll be much less likely to want to show that. (After all, Google is all about the best customer experience for its users). When you make it easy for Google to know who you are, Google will be more comfortable with showing you off.

Test out your business now

Want to see what we’re talking about in action? Test it with your own business!
Use our EC Directory Service form check thing to see, for free, how your business appears online.

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