Northeast Valley Health Corp WIC


From June 21st to September 21st of 2022, we were able to create the following results

Website Visits
New Contacts
4,295 calls


The WIC program is required to do an annual Public Service Announcment. For many years WIC advertised through ads in Penny Saver and local magazines, but received a low return on investment. Eventually a decisionmaker named Joy Ahrens heard from a friend how succesful El Clasificado was in growing her business online, and she decided to reach out.


WIC needed to spread awareness for their program. They needed people to sign up for the benefits of their program, so they could help the women, infants and children in need of support. After past campaigns with only print had failed, they decided to try online marketing channels. In order to help them achieve their goals, we gave them our Digital Pro Package.


By investing in our Digital Pro package, WIC experienced a significant increase in their reach online. People found signing up for the program much more convenient, and they had a huge increase in registrations. Now WIC can focus on the nonprofit work that they set out to do, supporting Women Infants and Children.

Pay Per Click Ads

Our pay per click ads supported WIC and helped them further spread awareness.

Web Banner

Our web banner spread awareness of WIC and helped them connect with their target audience effectively.

EC Directory

We checked every place WIC was listed online, and ensured that they all had the correct information.