New Millennium Dental Group


Since 2009, Mas Clientes's unique and localized marketing plan has enabled New Millennium Dental Group to generate a steady stream of new clients, increase sales and office space, and provide real value to their community.

Quadrupled Office Locations

The dental company has quadrupled office locations since working with Mas Clientes.

They have expanded their network, taken on multiple partners, and continue to meet new customers through Mas Clientes.


New Millennium Dental Group needed high-quality advertisements that would fit their marketing budget. After researching best practices, they decided that they could maximize their budget by focusing on local ads. Soon after, they came to the largest Spanish Classifieds newspaper in Southern California to connect them with the Hispanic market.


For dental firms, local advertising can be challenging as there are often many dental firms in a given area. In order to overcome these challenges, New Millenium needed an ad campaign that:

• Stands out from competition
• Generates new leads with the potential to become lifetime customers.
• Provides a positive return on investment for adspend.

We needed to create a campaign to meet the aforementioned goals while overcoming the heavy competition and a limited budget. Below is the solution we created to meet New Millenium Dental Group's needs.


We met with New Millennium Dental Group and discussed their marketing goals and budget limitations. We then developed a marketing plan consisting of ads on our website and in our magazines, which have led to significant business growth and a continued partnership to this day.

El Clasificado Print Ads

We determined which areas would provide New Millenium Dental the largest return on their adspend, then we began running ads for these locations in El Clasificado, our print magazine.

Specialized Online Ads

We created local online ads targeting the Hispanic community. Our strong calls to action based on New Millennium Dental Group’s lower prices brought consumers through the door. In addition, we also created display ads to remind customers to return to New Millenium Dental Group for their next dental visit.