Mary's Tamales


From August 2022 to January of 2023, Mary's Tamales had the following results:

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Marys Tamales is a Mexican food restaurant located in Rancho Cucamonga that specializes in Mexican tamales with an authentic recipe and a unique flavor.

The owner of Mary's Tamales recognized that they would need to stand out from competitors if they were going to grow their business and increase sales. However, they were afraid to venture into the digital world because they had never done it before.


Mary’s Tamales needed to outmaneuver competitors so they could increase sales.

They knew they could break free from competitors by setting up an online presence. Since they wanted to focus on what they did best, they needed to find effective marketing support within their budget. Soon they met with our team, and we came up with a solution.


After discussing goals and identifying that in this case, we could meet them by developing the restaurant's digital presence, we decided to work on the following fronts:

Google Business Profile

We optimized their Google maps and search profile with relevant information. Now new customers searching for similar products and services find Marys Tamales' Google Business Profile. This has resulted in some of Mary Tamales's largest orders.

Performance 360 Package

We developed a digital campaign optimized with keywords and ads that generated more website traffic, in-person calls, orders, and overall business growth. We also complimented this campaign with local ads in El Clasificado magazine.

Directory Services

Our directory service ensured Marys Tamales' business information is correct & consistent on up to 90 listings across the internet. We protected each listing from competitors who want to falsify information. In addition, we also helped Mary’s Tamales show up before competitors online, resulting in more overall sales.