Liberty Tax


Liberty Tax Service exceeded their initial goals for increased market share, and had to increase production to meet demand.

New Markets

Liberty Tax expanded into 11 new markets the following year!

Increase in Papers Printed

Liberty tax experiened such a growth in demand that they printed 331,500 more copies the following year!


Liberty Tax Service is always seeking new ways to promote its services. They’ve tried traditional marketing methods such as direct mail campaigns and spinning signs in front of busy intersections.

Looking to establish a relationship with the Latino community, they created a free, educational newspaper providing general tax information with their contact information.

Unfortunately, Liberty Tax did not have the supply chain that would allow them to mass produce these newspapers on their own.


Liberty Tax Service lacked a distribution system and did not have the budget or time needed to create a new circulation plan.

Representatives at Liberty Tax also knew they needed to find a quick way to get their newspaper to people before tax season closed.

Liberty Tax met with one of our representatives and explained the challenges they were facing, and soon after we hit the market with a solution.


Having heard their distribution dilemma and wanting to help them empower the Hispanic community, we were able to develop a marketing plan that fit their needs.

Award-Winning Distribution Facilitates Growth

We partnered with Liberty Tax to bring real value to the Latino Community by utilizing our circulation system to distribute 75,000 copies of their paper throughout Los Angeles. We followed up the next year with an additional 331,500 copies, resulting in an overall 406,5000 copies!