Liberty Tax


The campaign was such a success that Liberty Tax Service wanted to expand the campaign.

New Markets

The following year, they renewed their order and expanded into 11 new markets

Papers Printed

Increased their number of papers printed from 75,000 to 406,500


Looking to further increase their reach towards the Hispanic community, Liberty Tax decided to expand even more into traditional advertising markets.


Liberty Tax Service wanted to expand their advertising further into print media, but they lacked the budget and time needed to create a succesful circulation plan. They needed a quick way to get their newspaper to the people before tax season.


Having heard their distribution dilemma and wanting to help them empower the Hispanic community, we were able to develop a marketing plan that fit their needs.

Award-Winning Distribution

We made a deal to utilize our award-winning print media distribution systems in the Los Angeles Metropolitan area to distribute 75,000 copies of their paper throughout Los Angeles.