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What is a Power Page Digital Plus Package?

A digital package for small businesses starting at $29 that enhances your business’s online presence, enables you to find new customers, and helps you retain those customers for years on end.

How does the power page plus package help me increase sales?

Lead-generation Analytics

Understand where clients find your business online, so you can invest your ad spend wisely

Print Ads

Reach an additional 20,000 customers who are rarely online

Directory Indexing

Make sure no fake accounts of your business are recognized by Google

Google Business Profile

Advertise your business directly on Google, allow people to call you directly and get directions to your location

Ads on El Clasificado

Become one of the first results people find in organic Google search results

Landing Page

A webpage where you entice customers to purchase your product or service. On average, having between 10-12 landing pages increases leads by 52%!

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Jannette Velazquez

[Mas Clientes] reviewed all aspects of our advertising options and services that we may receive from her company. [Mas Clientes] makes sure it is always suitable for our business needs. We have constant meetings to measure our progress and make immediate changes to improve so that the results are positive and effective. It is what has made us happy with your company.

The QD Venue

I have been working with [Mas Clientes for] less than a year. My ads went from zero to 40k views in [a] few months…. [Mas Clientes]  is the best tool to help any type of business [who is] looking for viewers and help your sale[s]s increase incredib[ly]. I highly suggest you contact [Mas Clientes] when you think about advertising.

Luis Quintanar

This is a very incredible way to increase our business and having a very dedicated representative like Rosalinda Medina guiding you step by step throughout the process and making this experience a very easy going and practical one makes a world of difference. I am truly thankful for having someone like Rosalinda who is able to be there and understand your concerns and questions and really is completely dedicated to making this a successful experience by increasing my customer base.

Benjamin Norton

We have been working with Dario and his team on digital marketing (Facebook, Google my business page, and El Clasificado listing) for a few years. We have seen positive results in all areas (increased Facebook traffic, significantly more Google reviews, and a greater number of responses to our ads). Dario is a great account manager, and his team is very responsive and effective. We highly recommend them as marketing partner.


Amazing staff, and marketing service. We have been doing business with El Clasificado for over a decade and we can not say enough of about how brilliant they are with their marketing services. I highly recommend them. It is always a pleasure to do business with them.

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