New Millennium Dental Group


Since the start of their El Clasificado advertising in 2009, our localized marketing campaign has allowed New Millennium Dental Group to grow and continue being successful.

Large Offices

The dental firm has expanded from the one small office to four large offices throughout Los Angeles County.

They have taken on multiple partners and continue to advertise with EC Hispanic Media today.


New Millennium Dental Group was looking for a way to advertise without having to spend an unreasonable amount of money, and decided the best way to save would be to advertise in a very local area.


For dental firms, local advertising can often be challenging as there are often many dental firms in a given area.


New Millennium Dental Group met with one of our El Clasificado representatives and explained their situation to us including their marketing goals as well as budget limitations. Hearing this, we worked together to develop a marketing plan that fit their needs.

Localized Zones

Using our many distribution points near their office, we selected three localized zones that targeted only people close enough to visiting a new dentist.

Specialized Ads

We created local, specialized ads, which targeted the Hispanic community in their area and with a strong call to action, promoting New Millennium Dental Group’s lower prices to get consumers in the door.